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12 Subaru Denso DTC

12 Subaru Denso DTC

The module is designed to build, edit and compare an extended error mask according to the OBD/SAE standard for SUBARU car firmware with the Denso MCU SH7055/SH7058 control unit (file size 512Kb and 1Mb). The module does not correct checksums.


Available software versions:

A2SB000A A2UH000A A2WC401F A2ZJ500F A2ZJA00P A8DH100F A8DH100P A8DK100F A8DK100P AE5I500G AE5IB40L AE5K410E AE5K411R AE5L600L AE5Q100V AZ1E400U AZ1E401A AZ1G101M AZ1G101N AZ1G104K AZ1G104L AZ1G500Z AZ1G900C AZ1J200N AZ1J500M AZ1J500V D0XJ001P D0XJ001U D0XJ002B D0XJ007B D0XJ009B D2TB101L D2TB201L D2TB201R D2UG101B D2UG102E D2UG102F D2UG102G D2UH003R D2WD701C D2ZX004B D2ZX100B D2ZZ001E DZ1E103B DZ1E402B DZ1G001F E2SB002L E2TB102L E2TB101J E2TB112J E2UD001E E2UE100C E2UE101B E2UE111A E2UE112C E2UE113A E2VF211G E2VF241G E2VF251G E2VG221D E2WD200C E2WD300C E2WD500D E2WG200C E2ZD507C E2ZD508C E2ZJ102A E2ZJ111H E2ZJ112A E2ZJ113G E2ZJ116A E2ZJ122B E2ZJ123H EE5F300K EE5F500B EE5I410K EE5I420K EE5I500A EE5I920V EE5IA11T EE5K411V EE5K416V EE5M100A EP5D003R EP5D202M EP5D202N EP5F300n EP5F300o EP5F300r EP5F300s EP5F300t EP5L000k EP5L000l EP5L000m EP5L000p EP5L000q EZ1G107N EZ1G108K EZ1GB00H EZ1GB10J

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