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A/C Diagnostics and recharging


Simple, quick, smart just a “touch” for recharging

Its more than ten years’ leadership in the vehicle A/C service and recharge field has allowed TEXA to obtain the approval and recommendation by the major vehicle manufacturers worldwide. From the same experience, TEXA has given birth to KONFORT TOUCH, a range of charging stations characterised by exceptional manufacturing quality, designed for all the A/C service operations on vehicles that use refrigerant R134a and R1234yf.

In a simple, quick, smart way, and with the utmost ease of use.

The KONFORT TOUCH range is:

Simple, because its 10-inch colour touchscreen display, the AndroidTM operating system and its main service dashboard allow users to customise the charging operations and start them really easily.

Quick, because the navigation menu enhances the user experience and gathers all the key functions in the main page, allowing users to complete the operations with absolute precision and in just a few steps.

Smart, because its advanced connectivity allows it, for example, to update automatically, receive remote assistance and connect to other devices, such as printers and smartphones. Moreover, it uses a search algorithm that identifies the vehicle in the wide database by simply entering a keyword, therefore avoiding the classic selection of make and model.

Bi-Gas solutions

TEXA is one of very few companies in the world that offers an air conditioning recharge station able to work with the older R134a refrigerant and the new R1234yf refrigerant (obligatory for newly homologated vehicles in Europe) at the same time.

This stations are KONFORT 780R BI-GAS and KONFORT 780 TOUCH: they are equipped with two separate tanks and circuits so that, within a matter of minutes, you can switch between servicing vehicles with A/C systems filled with different refrigerants.

Bi-Gaz çözümleri
R134a or R1234yf Refrigerant

TEXA’s 760R, 760R BUS (for large A/C systems like those on buses and specialist vehicles), 720 TOUCH and 712R recharge stations can be configured to work either with the older R134a or with the new R1234yf.


You need to specify which refrigerant you plan to work with when you purchase the station, but retrofit kits are available to switch refrigerant at a later date.