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SCR Technology is the technology that helps to reduce emission values ​​in the catalytic converter system ADblue system. SCR is a technology that aims to optimize the general operation of the engine and to minimize the emission values ​​of pollutants such as nox by increasing the exhaust emission. Following the Euro 4 and Euro 5 regulations, the SCR engine fuel combustion process, which is also included in the Euro 6 system, fulfills the standards such as the processing of waste exhausts.


The exhaust is separated by contacting the AdBlue liquid before the SCR system, and the nitrogen oxides, which are harmful in the environment, are dissolved and transformed into nitrogen and water vapor, thus ensuring that the toxic fuel coming out of the exhaust is transformed into the nature in the most harmless way. When Euro 5 and Euro 4 are compared, it is observed that more AdBlue fuel is used in Euro 5.


It is known that the deterioration of the SCR system will cause you to encounter a malfunction in the AdBlue system, and it will be affected by this malfunction in many parts of the vehicle's brain. In cases where SCR malfunctions are encountered, these malfunctions can be eliminated thanks to the emulators to be used. At the same time, your vehicle will lose performance and power when SCR failure is received. Traction decreases and diesel use increases.


One of the complaints that has been encountered frequently in recent times is that when users apply to special authorized services, high prices are charged for nox sensor failure. You can delete the error codes and invalidate the system in this way, thanks to the emulators and fault detection devices used to eliminate the Nox fault. The nox sensor, which measures the efficiency of catalytic technology, works in integration with the scr system. When these malfunctions are not resolved, there are problems that lead to the replacement of the brain completely, and malfunctions can be encountered. Thanks to the devices that can help you with nox sensor malfunctions, you will be able to perform nox sensor repair, scr system repair at affordable prices.

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