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Autovei Turkey Official Distributor

VEI Truck Explorer V5 features:

1- Programming of Engine ECU / Control Unit (MR, PLD) in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

2- Programming of the Driving ECU / Control Unit (FR, FMR, CPC, ADM) in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

3- Programming AdBlue ECU / Control Unit (ACM) on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

4-MAN EDC-PTM Matching

5- MAN EDC-PTR Matching

6- MAN FFR Programming

7. Key codding in MAN and Mercedes-Benz

8- Mercedes EURO 6 Speed Limit Change in Vehicles (NEW FEATURE)

9- Programming VCM ECU / Control Unit in Iveco vehicles (NEW FEATURE)

10- Programming on OBD or on-board via OBD Diagnostic Socket

11- Chip Tuning

12- Capable to extract ECU file from OBD or desktop.

13- Reading fault codes and displaying detailed information.

14- Delete AdBlue permanent fault codes.

15- Torque boost

16- Engine ECU read / write programming from OBD in Mercedes S, ML, GL Class passenger cars

17-  ECU read / write programming from OBD in Mercedes V Class, Vito, Sprinter vehicles

18- Mercedes-Benz XENTRY, DAS VeDoc and FDOK password generation

19- Copying / Cloning the ECU / Control Unit

20- Professional Technical Support

21- One year free update and technical support and more…

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