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Today, cars are equipped with electronic systems and electronic brains manage and control the systems. Information about the vehicle is stored in the brain. The brain ensures the smooth operation of the vehicle according to the recorded information. The speed limit has been imposed on these vehicles to the extent specified by the law and permitted by the manufacturer. But people who are not satisfied with these limits want the speed limit in their vehicles to be removed. Speed ​​limits may be at the upper limits such as 90-130-230. The speed limit can be lifted for all vehicles, but the speed limit cannot be lifted for vehicles that will only serve as school buses. If the speed limit specified in the brain is exceeded, the vehicle stops working. The speed limiter controls the speed limit. The limiter does not allow the programmed speed to be exceeded. If the speed is exceeded, the indicator light comes on and warns the driver.


In the brain repair department of our HECALOGI company, the speed limit of every brand of vehicle is canceled. In the speed limit cancellation process, the software in the brain is read with special devices. Again, the speed limit is canceled by software specific to each vehicle and new software is loaded into the brain. During this process, the brain is not removed and the brain is not damaged. Therefore, the warranty does not break. However, many auto mechanics in the market are trying to remove the speed limit, and they damage the brain, especially because they are insufficient in software. You should definitely have the speed limit cancellation done by professional services. Our company produces electronic devices and solutions for all the needs of vehicles with electronic systems.

We contribute to the solution of many problems in the sector with the solutions developed by experienced engineers in our R&D department. We provide services such as egr cancellation, dpf cancellation, chip tuning, modification, brain repair, fault detection perfectly. We prioritize customer satisfaction with our experience and successful work. We do not harm the engine structure and other systems of the vehicle in our operations. If you are not satisfied with the speed limit of your vehicle, you can safely come to our company to cancel the speed limiter. We cancel the speed limit of every brand of vehicle within the legal framework and to the extent permitted by the vehicle engine. The speed limit has been brought to the vehicles in terms of safety. For manufacturers, performance, longevity and safety are of prime importance in vehicles. As HEXALOGI, we observe the characteristics of the vehicle and do not cause any damage to the vehicle.


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