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What is EGR Cancellation? How is it done?

Before explaining the questions of what is EGR cancellation and how it is done, it is necessary to address the issue of what is EGR.

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation – Exhaust Gas Recycling. It is an electropneumatic valve in land vehicles. This valve, located in the engine, takes an active role in the exhaust gas circulation processes. EGR, which damages the performance of the vehicle due to pollution, rust and wear over time, also causes the vehicle to malfunction.

How Does EGR Work?

Oxygen and fuel sent to the cylinder combustion chamber burn at very high temperatures, such high levels of NOx gas can occur. This leads to an increase in emissions. The Engine EGR frequently opens and closes the EGR valve at certain intervals by interpreting data such as engine load status and sensor values.


When the EGR valve is open, some of the gas coming out of the exhaust manifold is sent back to the combustion chamber with the help of EGR. In this way, the oxygen rate in the interior is reduced, which significantly reduces the combustion temperature. At low combustion temperatures, NOx gases cannot be formed as much as before, thus reducing emissions. When the engine is fully loaded, the EGR valve is closed by the engine computer and stops sending exhaust gas to the combustion chamber, as performance is required from the vehicle. In this way, the combustion chamber, which is completely filled with oxygen, produces more power. The EGR valve may become contaminated due to the exhaust gases passing through it and a blockage may occur in it. The EGR system should be cleaned regularly in terms of factors such as soot, time and rust that cause EGR malfunctions. It is time to clean an EGR system; If dark black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, the engine stutters or does not start, the engine temperature rises, if it persists, the engine is damaged, fuel consumption increases rapidly, if there is a misfire caused by the gas pedal, the symptoms indicate that it is time to clean.

What is EGR Cancellation?

EGR cancellation, on the other hand, is performed as an alternative to the high price requested for the replacement of the malfunctioning valve, when the clogged valve does not perform well even after cleaning. Apart from these two reasons, users who always want full performance from their vehicle can have the EGR cancelled. Since the EGR valve will always be closed, they will always get full performance from their engines.

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