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Developed for heavy duty trucks and tractors, Rapid XTI allows to optimize and increase the torque delivery on the whole operational range, permitting the use of higher gears at lower rpms. The effect of such a feature is the reduction of the fuel consumption, which can decrease even up to 10% thanks to the increased efficiency of the engine.

This type of intervention is especially appreciated by professional operators and fleets: the fuel consumption represents one of the highest costs to face, therefore even small reductions of these costs become a strategic elements in the global management of the vehicles. Moreover, the choice of a Rapid module preserves the vehicle mechanics and its working reliability on the road.

Furthermore, the control by the original ECU on the electronic management of the propeller allows full compliance with the regulations about environmental pollution.

Quality components and detailed instructions make the installation easy, fast and safe.

Through the calibration console, the installer can further customize the setting of the module, so to reach the most suitable calibration according to the working conditions and vehicle features.

The hardest challenge: Rapid Tractor is the add-on module developed for agricultural vehicles, specifically studied to support the requirement of increasing torque that comes from the agricultural world.

This application obviously called for specific protective devices against water, mud and dirt in order to preserve the working of the module and connection (provided with specific, original connectors).

The reliability offered by Rapid and the quality approach assured by Dimsport becomes a strategic aspect in this kind of applications characterized by elevated stress of the parts.

Rapid increases the engine efficiency to fulfil the user’s needs: the tangible power and torque improvements of the propeller allow to work safer and in a more effective way even in such difficult conditions, even saving fuel while using higher gears.

The customization can be adjusted through the calibration console the in order to meet the specific needs and the kind of use for which the vehicle is supposed to work.


Recalibration of injector opening time (duty-cycle injectors) makes it possible to manage specific signals sent by each injector, thus obtaining a detailed record of injection times and the quantity of fuel injected. Modules are linked directly to the injectors with wiring created ad hoc for each compatible vehicle.
This approach involved the development of especially advanced modules, equipped with a microprocessor, FLASH eprom and RAM eeprom for full control of the injection parameters. The result is a module that supports significantly enhanced vehicle performance even during multiple injections, for example pre- and post-injections necessary in managing the diesel particulate filters.


Dimsport places more than 20 years of experience in the auxiliary modules sector at the disposal of its customers, and develops standard calibrations on its own test benches in order to provide the best possible balance between reliability and performance optimisation and vehicle efficiency. Our tests confirm that it is possible to obtain an increase in power and torque of 10-12% on average with LPE modules and 15-18% with XTI and TPM modules, taking full advantage of the potential offered by standard mechanical technologies. These are real values tested in the field and confirmed by over 100,000 installations worldwide, on cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors. Installers can increase these values further through customised calibrations, and by drawing on the support offered by specialist Dimsport technicians.


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