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23 KMZ MD1CE100

23 KMZ MD1CE100

he KMZ MD1CE100 module allows you to view, compare and edit firmware files for Kamaz K5 trucks with R6 engine (ECU Bosch MD1CE100).

Calibrations for boost pressure, fuel pressure, fuel supply, fuel supply correction, injection phase, request and torque limit, DPF, EGR, AdBlue, calibration of sensors, idle speed, DTC error mask are available for editing.

In total, more than 150 calibrations are supported, depending on the software version.

The language of the module is English.

The module does not correct checksums of firmware.

To read and write firmware, it is recommended to use Dimsport Trasdata or BitBox programmers, these programmers automatically correct the checksums before writing the file to the ECU.


Supported software versions:




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