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YUTONG Euro 5 SCR/NOx emergency module

Module for emergency shutdown of adblue urea on YUTONG Euro 5 buses (Cummins)

This SCR/NOx emergency backup module allows you to go to the repair site or not fix a complex and expensive neutralization system at all.

The driver can install the module itself. To do this, disconnect the standard connector from the NOx sensor and connect the module. Remove the fuse of the SCR system located in the junction box in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

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You don't need to cut anything! So the car is still under warranty!
The module can be disassembled just as easily! And it can be used in any other car too!

The high-quality factory assembly along with the waterproof case and industrial components provide a 3-year warranty.

Made in Russia

Each module is tested for performance just before it is sent to the receiver.

The module is suitable for vehicles with Cummins engine and Emitec I neutralization system.

For bus brands:

All models with YUTONG Cummins engine

It replaces the following system components:
  • NOx sensor

  • SCR module

  • EU Blue pump

  • Adblue pressure sensor

  • Adblue Pump Heater

Delivery content:

— SCR emergency module

- Package

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*The Limpoff module is an additional module for a urea-based exhaust gas aftertreatment system that does not make any structural changes to the system in question. "TR CU 018/2011. Technical regulations of the Customs Union. This module, which is an additional (optional) component of the vehicle regarding the safety of wheeled vehicles, does not affect the safety of the vehicle and is not subject to mandatory certification. The module is only available to the Vehicle owner's nearest repair point or medical We recommend using it in emergency situations that need to drive to the help point.

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