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Power Bench Testers
and Road Simulators

For Automobile, Engine, Truck and Tractor models.


Dyno products are diagnostic tools crucial for testing performance of cars, bikes, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles in the safest way.

They are currently supplied to many different users: technical centers for test and certification, repair shops and garages, engine tuning centers and race teams, R&D centers, high schools and Universities, transport ministerial authorities, vehicle manufacturers.



The bench testing experience is completed with the display and export of data in the interface of our software with an integrated vehicle database. The new Dynoplus (currently available only for Dynorace A2CTION), which enables the tuner to carry out even more “realistic” tests, was added to the tried-and-tested Dynorace platform, which allows data to be analyzed and compared via OBDII. Complete your bench measurement activities with our platforms, designed and built on the basis of extensive experience in the field of automotive electronics.

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